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For the remodel of the kitchen and bathrooms in her elegant older home, Marcia Emmett knew she had to see the ideas visually. She didn’t want to be surprised by the final color, and a chip of paint wasn’t enough for her to imagine the final product. However, as with any remodel, there are surprises. In this case, a once-hidden brick chimney appeared with the removal of a kitchen wall.


To help Marcia pick her perfect color, Kevin had the painters cover large wall sections with a variety of different paint selections. As for the chimney, it turned out to be beautiful Old Sacramento used brick. It has gained new life outside as a highlight feature in the driveway.


Marcia loves that the “Fabulous 40s” character of her home remains but now features more color, light and warmth. And she appreciates Kevin’s problem-solving and attention to detail. In fact, she’s keeping A&D busy building an addition to the second story of her home.


Designer: Marcia Emmett




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